Friday, January 18, 2013


There is no words to describe the way Florida's weather has been. It is almost fascinating how quickly it can go from hot to cold and vise versa in a matter of a few the same day. We got so used to it being hot in January, that now it is weird when it's cold. 

So today, it is cold and rainy. I whipped out the layers for the short time that it will be chilly today. There's many little details in this outfit that all come together from the print on my shoes, to my statement necklace. I discovered this sweater in my closet and it reminded me how I'm a sucker for anything with elbow pads. 

Top: BDG sweater (old)/ Forever21 denim Pants: H&M/corduroy Shoes: Fossil/loafers Jewelry: Forever21 (old)
Purse: vintage 

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