Tuesday, November 19, 2013

trip of a lifetime


Since I was too lazy to carry my camera around the city, these iPhone quality photos will have to do, and they're not too shabby. I had the amazing opportunity to visit a friend who lives in the city and has a big girl job, which I am quite jealous about.

We didn't fly in 'til Friday night, where we took a train to Union Square and had dinner at a burger joint called 5 Napkin Burger, which hit the spot considering the airport process is hours long. Afterwards, we decided to hang out and walk through Time Square just to see all the crazy that it is.

Considering I hadn't been to New York in 7 years, I thought it would be fun to wake up in the morning and go get the girls coffee and donuts. I was pathetically exciting about walking a block all alone to the nearby Dunkin Donuts, but hey, it's the little things. Our first stop that day was Central Park, which was more beautiful than ever. The colors of fall were so vibrant and natural. I couldn't take my eyes off of everything that was around me; I just wanted to soak everything in.

On our way to brunch in the West Village, I finally got to see the new World Trade Center. The fact that the second to last time I was in New York, I left two weeks before 9/11.  Time flies and now, the building is so beautiful. While walking through the streets of SoHo, it was love at first sight, but I guess anyone could've guessed that. It was absolutely perfect. The park was filled with people in gorgeous clothes, live music, the iconic fountain, guys throwing the football around in their collegiate sweatshirts, an extremely talented man playing piano, and all other fantastic things that are New York. Next stop was Boozy Brunch at Sotto 13 and it was brilliant! Two hours all you can drink and some of the most delicious food and atmosphere a girl could wish for! After a little too much boozy and brunch, we bar hopped a little and stopped at the The Four-Faced Liar and then ended the night at Houston Hall!  Yes, this day consisted of 14 hours of constant walking, talking, eating and drinking and I had no complaints!

One of the main things I wanted to do while I was in NYC was go to the Brooklyn Flea which is located in Williamsburg. The pictures above with the view of the water were taken right before we shopped at the flea, and it was beautiful. The flea was a magical wonderland of vintage and antique jewelry, clothes, and anything else that you could think of with food tents as well! The whole atmosphere had me written all over it. After taking forever to finally find a place to eat, we ended up at a random place called Lodge where the people were cool, calm, and collected and I was extremely jealous. Everything was drank out of a mason jar and had a clever name.

And for our last night, we had the best idea ever. After having dinner at an authentic Chinese place, we went out with a bang by going to Top of the Rock of the Rockefeller Center. I fell hopelessly in love with the view and wanted to camp out there for the rest of my life, even though it was so cold I thought I was going to get frostbite (hey, still a florida girl). I could see the whole city and it was an amazing feeling of how beautiful the city lights were and the night sky mixed with knowing all the hustle and bustle down below and how so many other things are going on at that very moment.  I took a deep breath and stared at everything in silence, knowing that this city is where I wanted to be. As much as I love nature, there's something about those tall buildings and bright lights of the city that never sleeps. It was absolutely gorgeous.

This trip was nothing short of amazing and I could not thank my friend enough for allowing me to have the best weekend of my life. I was already planning my next trip before I even left and I'm currently also planning my move there as well. I believe everyone has to live in NYC for at least a year. Even though it's still in America, all the different people and the way of living can be a real culture shock, and you may love it or you may hate it. But there's a something about New York where a dose of it is good for everybody. Can't wait to go back! xx


  1. Oh, New York is one of the most beautifl cities in the world. I love your pictures, seems like you had a great time, a really one-in-a-lifetime!