Friday, December 20, 2013

sunny weather in December


Unfortunately, I don't have any cool pictures of snow, but welcome to December in Florida! While everyone is struggling to not get frostbite, us Floridians check the weather constantly to search for a day that might not be too hot to wear some cute boots we bought that get worn once a year. It was a cooler day than most, since it was in the lower 70's and all, so my open-back shirt obsession peeked it's way in once again. I also have thing for corduroy pants and lace. I think I just have a lot of "things" for things.

This day actually felt like Christmas, so of course Christmas shopping was a must. I have to say, I usually have all my gifts planned out, but I definitely slacked off this year. I can't believe Christmas is only five days away! Wasn't it just Thanksgiving!? The holiday times always seem like they go by faster than any other time of the year, which in a way allows you to cherish them more. Next, it'll be 2014 and to me that just screams, "You're getting old!" Oh well, I'm just excited to see what this next year has in store for me! 

Happy Friday & 50th post! xx

Top: Free People Pants: Gap Shoes: vintage Bag: Michael Kors Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Watch: Michael Kors Lips: Rockstar by Urban Decay 


  1. Love the top and that lip color!

  2. Great topic thanks

  3. I really love your top and that last picture is beautiful!

    Joely xxx