Tuesday, October 29, 2013

fall favorite


 I couldn't resist the lighting and how perfect this day was. Currently, this is my favorite dress with it's fall colors and unique, open back (which has been my weakness lately). I opted for a dark lip which I felt was necessary since it is so close to Halloween and considering it made me feel like I could go to a casting for Vampire Diaries (my other weakness).

The roomie and I finally found time to carve our pumpkin and went for an adorable, little ghost. Carving a pumpkin is harder than it looks, so props to the people who deserve an award for their sweet pumpkin carving skills.

And now Halloween is only two days away, ah! I decided what I'm going to be, but I'm not sure the world should know yet. It's a little nerdy..actually, a lot nerdy and anyone who knows me will not be surprised once they see it. It definitely has to do with my love for all things British, so I guess if you put nerdy and British together you get.......

HARRY POTTER! (the female version). I am too excited for my own good. Enjoy your Halloween! xx

Dress: Forever 21 Boots: Charlotte Russe Belt: Forever 21 Watch: Michael Kors Lip: Rockstar by Urban Decay Nails: Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI