Monday, October 21, 2013

Orange you glad it's October

Fall, the most wonderful time of the year..well, except in Florida. For positive thoughts, I feel like it could allow you to be more creative. Like here in these pictures, I'm wearing a beanie and boots, but it's actually hotter than Earth's core out here. I'm tricky. 

October is the month where the holidays start rolling in; there's something about having something to celebrate that makes everyone happy. Pumpkin patches start making their debuts on every corner, and along with pumpkins comes PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING (Mmm).  I'm glad we found such glorious uses for pumpkins because they're not the most attractive thing I've seen. I'd consider them the watermelons of fall, yeah..that sounds nice. 

After searching for a bit, I finally found the perfect pumpkin. I almost bought the one with the warts because I felt bad for it, but a good looking little guy a few rows over caught my eye and was lucky enough to come home with me, (I'm talking about a pumpkin still...)

And on another good note, Halloween is right around the corner! I'm still sitting here thinking about what the heck I'm going to be, but I'll figure that out the night before or something, duh.

Happy October! 

Shirt: Michelle Skirt: Forever 21 Boots: Urban Outfitters Beanie: Urban Outfitters Accessories: Forever 21 Bag: Michael Kors 


  1. Cute photos! So festive :)

  2. so cute love this look!

  3. You look lovely, and I love the pumpkins in the pictures haha!

  4. This Florida heat has GOT to go! #HCXO