Tuesday, January 21, 2014

flannel love

So, I recently bought this flannel and now I understand the obsession; flannels are so versatile with any style. You could wear it with cowboy boots, combat boots, riding boots, etc. and with the right accessories, your outfit is made. There's something about flannel print and the winter seasons that go perfectly hand in hand. Let's just say, I'm a huge fan. 

The leaves on the giant tree right outside my window finally started falling off, but I'm not sure how to tell it it's a little late.. I feel like nature might be just as confused with this weather and gave up. The grass seems to be greener and the ground looks so pretty with all these leaves on the ground, so maybe it's better that nature and weather just keep doing their own thing, for now. 

Happy Tuesday Xx

Top/Scarf/Leggings/Sweater: Forever21 Socks: Target Boots: Steve Madden Bag: Ralph Lauren Watch: Michael Kors 


  1. Love this look! I'm obsessed with flannels and boyfriend shirts because, yeah, in the winter they are so incredibly comfortable and still look great!

    ~ Caroline

  2. Hey girl! Love your blog! I actually just found it through the Elle B. website (I used to intern with Bianca). Anyways, noticed on there that you're from Clearwater - me too! I'm a senior at UCF too, but just wanted to stop by and say hello :) I'm your newest follower too!


    1. oh wow, that's so awesome! small world! and thank you so much, I followed you as well!