Wednesday, February 12, 2014

i heart you

Here's a quick, simple, going-out-to-lunch-with-my-girlfriends Valentine's Day outfit! This sweater has accidentally specifically been only worn on the past two Valentine's Day, and I'm okay with that. I'm not much of a pink person, so it's rare when I actually own something pink, let alone wear it. 

And to make this even more holiday spirited, I added a red lip and a red bag to be the ultimate cliche. Actually, I enjoy being cheesy. Isn't that what holidays are all about? Of course, I kept it "me" with acid wash jeans and a dark nail, but I really do like this sweater. 

Whether you're looking forward to it or not, it's still the holiday of love, so spend it with whomever you love! It doesn't even have to be a person, some people prefer pizza or their dog, and that's wonderful. The love for food or man's best friend is some of the great love of all. 
Remember: Cupid was a little chunky man with tiny wings and arrows with hearts at the're going to trust that? 

Hope everyone has a happy Valentine's day! 

Sweater: TJ Maxx Jeans: Forever21 Shoes: Target Purse: Cooperative @ Urban Outfitters
 Watch: Michael Kors Bracelet: Charming Charlie Lipstick: RiRi Woo by Mac 
Nail: Mind Your Mittens by Essie 


  1. You have such a pretty smile! Love this outfit - so stylish!

  2. i like your jeans.